Why is the Central Coast Card a marketing Tool?

The Central Coast Card is used by businesses in the Central Coast region to assist in the marketing of their business.  It is growing, as more businesses join the program and register their customers.  More shoppers will use the card at participating businesses. Customers realise it’s easy to present their card whenever they shop and get cash back for their every day shopping.  People with the card will then source other businesses in the program, and use their services.  Hence clever cross promoting by participating small business owners.

Why is the Central Coast Card great for Shoppers?

Using businesses in the program for their daily shopping needs will earn shoppers cash back, which will add up over time.  If a shopper was going to get cash back and shopping points by using their Central Coast card at an participating Coffee shop, it would be smart for that shopper to go to the cafe on the Central Coast card program and use their card, rather than the one next door that isn’t in the program. Why? Because 12 months of spending at that coffee shop will get the customer cash back and shopping points, which adds up and can be spent elsewhere. This creates customer loyalty and regular business for participating businesses.

Why should I use the Central Coast Card?

As a shopper you will earn cash back on your daily shopping, there are 1000’s of major online stores.  If you like to travel and book online then the Central Coast Card is accepted at many of the major travel online websites. You will find endless products and services online.

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Businesses are joining around the world constantly and you will find new shops and services in your area no matter where you live. You can use your Central Coast card with any business on the program so it’s important for you to download the free App “Mobile” and login with the logins that were SMS to you when you registered. The app will show you businesses that you can use your Central Coast card where ever you go.

Why would I want my friends and family to have a card?

It is simple to give your friends and family a free card, you can give out as many free registrations as you like. Your friends and family can also enjoy the benefits whenever they shop and the nice thing is that it’s free for you to give anyone a free membership, so why wouldn’t you?