What is the Central Coast Card?

The Central Coast card is a local cash back/loyalty card that can be used in Australia and world wide at participating businesses.  If you shop you should have one of these cards.  There are businesses on board that you may already shop with.  Whether in person or online.

Simply put the Central Coast card is a cash back loyalty program businesses. Rather than create their own loyalty program and try to manage it yourself, businesses from all around the world have one loyalty card product they can advertise their business on and cross promote with other participating businesses.

The program organically grows as new merchants are added worldwide constantly. Businesses offer cash back on their goods and services to loyal customers. Now you can have one loyalty card rather than a wallet full of cards.

What’s in it for me (THE SHOPPER) ?

Present your Central Coast Card whenever you purchase or use the services from any business on the program. You will receive a percentage of the price back in cash as well as shopping points.  This is paid into your  account and then paid to you when the total cash back reaches $15.00. You can choose to keep your money in your account to spend with other participating business or transfer it to your bank account. There are no fee charges to transfer your cash back to your bank account or to spend it with other participating businesses.

Businesses on the program do not give you the cash back at the sale point.

You can choose to collect it and save it for a holiday or something special or simply transfer your cash back to your bank account when it reaches $15.00. It’s free for you to register and if you actively shop with businesses on the program your cash back could really add up at the end of the every month.

What do I do with the Shopping Points

Businesses create special deals with great discounted prices and shopping points. All you do is login to the website with the logins you are sent via SMS, select the deal you want, and present the voucher to the merchant.

Supporting Small Business

By shopping using the Central Coast Card at participating businesses you are actively supporting small businesses and helping local areas employ. You are also collecting cash back and shopping points to shop even more in the future and save. It’s time for us to support small business as they are being squashed by large corporations, this ultimately helps create a stable region that can offer employment in an variety of areas.