Can I give my Family & Friends a free card?

Yes you can give anyone you like a free membership. You can register anyone in 47 countries.

What makes the card work?

The Central Coast card program has been developed to create a regional loyalty program in the Central Coast, Cessnock, Newcastle, Sydney and surrounding areas.

What is Cash Back?

You, as a Member with every purchase from a Loyalty Merchant, can enjoy up to 5% of the total shopping amount for Cashback. The Cashback will be booked into your personal virtual account and you can check it anytime in your personal profile page. Once the amount of Cashback has reached the minimum amount of 15 AUD, it can be transferred to your personal private bank account.

How do I get my cash back?

Whenever you shop, your card will be scanned by the participating business. You will then receive a SMS advising you what cash back you will receive after you have paid for your goods or services at a participating business. Once the participating business pays their invoice the cash back will be credited to your account.

What is the age limit?

The minimum age varies from country to country depending on the local provision of the law. The minimum age for a successful registration is 16 years.

I’ve lost my password

Your Username and Password for logging onto the website or mobile app was sent to you via SMS when you registered.

Is there an expiry date on my Central Coast card?


How do I get cash back on my online shopping?

Simply register as a Member and log in to website with your Username and Password. After logging in, you can find the most suitable Loyalty Merchants for you via Partner Search or Shopping Overview. Simply click here or directly click on “Online Shopping” or the logo of the Loyalty Merchant to visit the webpage of the Merchant. You can open and make purchases in the desired online shop with a new browser window by clicking on “Online Shopping” to check out the specific terms of use of the online shop.

How can I find businesses to use my Central Coast card with?

Simply download the free App for either Iphone or Android. You must then login with the logins that were sent to your mobile via SMS. If you would like to see an example of businesses you can use your card at please click here.